creating future for young dancers

The Pilot-Project, Noja-Nebyla Stage Education (STAGE) is an original education lab for training and
young international dancers intellectually, creatively and physically, inspiring them with knowledge
from recognized & long experienced mentors and choreographers. 
STAGE bridges the gap between dance education and professional dance life, providing the necessary skills
and stage experiences as building blocks for a strong, healthy and successful career


Director: Simona Noja-Nebyla
Artistic Adviser: Boris Nebyla
Director Assistant: Shoko Nejime

  • personal improvement of technical and artistic skills
  • diversity of interpretation of skills in classical, neoclassical, modern & contemporary dance
  • working and creating with international known choreographers
  • exposure to the international stage experience 
  • gaining confidence in own artistic presentation 
  • expand the knowledge in diversity of choreographic styles
  • enhancing the health awareness (nutrition, stress management, injury prevention, etc.)
  • consulting for career opportunities
  • (optional) coaching for the Final Exam as “Professional Ballet Dancer”, state recognised Diploma- 2 years needed
  • (optional) Certification of Dance Studies through the International Dance Council CID, UNESCO, Paris, France

Time of the Pilot-Project: September 1st, 2021 – June 30th, 2022
(if you are restricted to travel due to the security international health measures, please get in contact with us)

Location: Vienna, co dancearts, Rennweg 79-81  A – 1030 Wien 

Age Range: 18-24 years
(suitable also for dancers under 18 years, if they that have already completed the attendance of the compulsory education) 

Number of dancers: 12

Curriculum: extensive dance program, daily Monday – Friday from 9:00 until 15:00 (Lunch break 12:15-13:00)

  • ballet training, pointe technique (for the girls), classical, neo classical & contemporary dance repertoire;  
  • individual trainings plan ( strength, condition, coordination, flexibility, etc)
  • work with invited choreographers such as: Angelina Gavrilova, John Clifford, Martin Fredmann, András Lukács, Boris Nebyla, Mário Radačovský   
  • workshops and masterclasses with world-wide recognized teachers     
  • studio space and support for own composition/choreography  
  • opportunities for performances in Austria and internationally ( all travel, and accomodation costs will be covered by STAGE )

Social-cultural engagement: Beside performances from the international ballet repertoire on traditional stages, the pilot-project performs also a specific adapted repertoire on (for ballet-dancers) less usual open spaces, such as museums, universities, social facilities, etc.

Mário Radačovský  Choreographer, Artistic Ballet Director, National Theatre Brno, Czech Republic 

Martin Fredmann, Choreographer, Founder-Director of Japan Grand Prix IBC, Japan & Co-Founder and Chairman of Taiwan Grand Prix IBC, Taiwan

John Clifford, former principal dancer with New York City Ballet, producer, director & choreographer, Los Angeles, USA

Vasile Solomon, teacher of international principal dancers, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Angelina Gavrilova, Choreographer, Sofia, Bulgaria

Austria, Vienna, MuTh Theatre
Czech Republic, Brno, Mahena Theatre
Romania, Bucharest, Romanian National Opera
Romania, Cluj-Napoca, Romanian National Opera
Slovakia, Trnava, National Theatre

auditions possible per video or open audition;
We are holding an Open Audition in Vienna, Austria on Saturday, April 17th 2021 (ballet class, pointe exercises -ladies, one classical solo & one contemporary solo).

International applicants who do not live in Austria may submit a video audition by latest on Saturday, April 10th 2021.
The results will be communicated by April 24th 2021.

599€/month (altogether 10 months) incl. all travel, and accomodation costs will be covered by STAGE

please email us your request

around 400€/month in a dormitory for students (is exclusively in the responsibility of the students; if needed, we could be supportive in finding the accommodation that fits the best)

can be provided specially for STAGE dancers (with extra cost)

each participant has to have a valid health insurance for Austria/Europe

Telephone: +43 680 312 0557