DANCEARTS Simona Noja-Nebyla & Boris Nebyla


The Exercise of Gratitude

DANCEARTS became, in its 16 years of existence, the oldest and most significant Viennese private ballet school led by internationally well-known former soloist ballet dancers of the Vienna State Opera Ballet. 

In 2006, while still dancing as principal and soloist dancers with Vienna State Opera, Simona Noja-Nebyla and Boris Nebyla had the idea of founding a center for classical dance in a central area of Vienna. DANCEARTS had the purpose of becoming a place for all those interested in discovering the joy and the benefits of ballet dance. Multiculturality and variety have become its hallmarks ever since.

Over the years, DANCEARTS proved to be a place where everybody who loves classical ballet in Vienna felt at home. The central location in Vienna´s 3rd district, with 825m² altogether, composed of two bright studios (150m² each of them) and a studio theatre (170m²) with all the necessary auxiliary spaces (dressing rooms, etc.), was offered the best setting for learning and development in the field of dancing. 

As former internationally renowned ballet dancers with family artistic backgrounds, Simona Noja-Nebyla and Boris Nebyla initiated and led DANCEARTS by example. They nurtured the pursuit of excellence in every child or adult who was curious to discover the ballet secrets. During the last 16 years, generations of dancers enjoyed the benefits and joy of ballet training at different levels and perspectives. 

Due to the previous two years of intensive artistic and pedagogical development research in the field of ballet, Simona Noja-Nebyla set an innovative approach for acquiring the 21st-century skills of learning, performing, and teaching ballet. New learning and teaching strategies have evolved and tested through the ongoing reflection, intensive practice, and valuable feedback of students, parents, teachers, choreographers, and all those involved. The results were encouraging and stimulated furthermore profound research. 

We have brought students to their next level of ballet knowledge for 16 years, and now in 2022, it is time for us to move on with our personal development. 
DANCEARTS, as the ballet center situated in Vienna´s 3rd district, will close its activity on June 30th, 2022, by the end of the school year 2021-2022.
We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all our students and their parents, teachers, and choreographers for the confidence they offered us over the years. It has been an extraordinary experience! All the great moments will stay with us forever!
We are looking forward to celebrating our last performance together with “Sleeping Beauty” on June 16th, 2022, in MUTH Theatre, and we are wishing you all the best for the time to come.

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