STAGE Audition for Season 2021-22

NOJA-NEBYLA STAGE EDUCATION holds an Open Audition on Saturday, April 17th 2021 in Vienna/Austria.
International applicants who do not live in Austria may submit a video audition by latest on
Saturday, April 10th 2021.

All the applicants must submit

  • Online Registration Form (see below)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • 2 Photographs (1 Portrait and 1 Dance photo) 
  • Motivation Letter (what are your goals and expectations)
For applicants of Video Audition, please attach a private video link (e.x. youtube, Vimeo, Dropbox ect) with excerpt from training:
  • Barre: battement tendu, battement tendu jeté, adagio, grand battement
  • Center: combination of small and grands pirouettes, adagio, allegro; one combination of small jumps and one combination of big jumps
  • One classical solo (for girls on pointe)
  • One contemporary solo

Audition Fee: 50€
The audition fee of € 50 is to be paid in advance to the account of dancearts Boris Nebyla EU.

Bank‌ ‌Austria‌ ‌UniCredit‌ ‌Group‌   
‌IBAN:‌ ‌AT58‌ ‌1200‌ ‌0515‌ ‌8098‌ ‌1902‌    

the paid-in registration fee must be proven with a receipt or a coupon section before the audition.
The Audition fee paid will not be refunded.

Application deadline:
Applicants for the both Video and Open Audition all the documents must be submitted by April 10th 2021.
The audition fee must be paid by April 16th 2021 for the applicants.

Online Registration Form